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Technical advantages

Fuyansheng Electronic, referred to as "FAS", was established in October 2017 and is headquartered in Fuzhou, Fujian. It is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise.

New technology enterprises. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to providing one-stop solutions for industrial Ethernet technology for the factory automation industry.


  We have a wide and diversified product series; based on the actual needs of our customers in the field of industrial automation.

  Through application, we can also provide professional and customized product series and efficient technical support services.

"FAS" has a R&D center and product manufacturing center at its headquarters in Fuzhou, and a manufacturing and warehousing and logistics center in Kunshan Jiangsu; it also has branch and sales office in more than 20 First and second tier cities in China and with annual sales reached 80 million RMB in 2022.

With the continuous increase of international partners, "FAS" has established overseas sales and technical service stations in Europe and other places to provide overseas

Customers are provided with specialized and efficient service guarantees.

90% Dominate the mainstream industry in the market

1+1 Ethernet technology development Integrate electrical and mechanical barriers

n+ Realize mechatronics radiate the international market

60% Numerous R&D personnel Innovate more and better products



  • 90%

    Leading the development of mainstream industrial Ethernet technology in the market

  • 1+1

    integrates electrical and mechanical barriers to achieve mechatronics

  • N+

    Radiating the global market


In October 2017, Fuyansheng Electronics (Fujian) Co., Ltd. was officially established in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, with a registered capital of 25 million yuan.

  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
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  • 2022
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  • 2024
  • October

    Fuzhou City, Fujian Province established a research and development center

  • October

    Kunshan, Jiangsu Province established a manufacturing center

  • November

    Kunshan, Jiangsu Province established a sales center

Team Introduction

We are a professional, enterprising, creative and dreamy R&D team. Having a diversified talent structure ensures a rigorous and continuously advancing R&D environment. The existing R&D team comes from professional and technical talents from well-known domestic industries. They are respectively committed to continuously developing new products for the company and improving existing mature products.。

Our R&D technical team is not only at the forefront of the industry in terms of technology, we also pay more attention to communication with customers and can easily understand customer needs, so we can better demonstrate the performance and usage requirements of industrial Ethernet products. We have our own dedicated programming team and real on-site simulation environment testing; we constantly require ourselves to create better and more perfect products.

Our team philosophy: The company adheres to the working principles of integrity, standardization and efficiency, wins the market with technology, gains credibility with creative services, and wholeheartedly provides customers with high-quality, efficient and fast services. Facing the future and insisting on independent innovation。

Core competence
Service guarantee

Pioneering and innovating, striving for progress, quality first, seeking truth and innovation, integrity and law-abiding, and win-win cooperation

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