frequently asked questions


What is IO-Link?
IO-Link is a fieldbus?
What is an IO-Link master?
IO-Link configurable DI/DO slave module, how to define each point as output mode or input mode?
IO-Link M12 Hub module, how are the signal points of each M12 port distributed?
In Japanese PLCs (Mitsubishi, Omron, Keyence), why does the data collected by the IO-Link analog input Hub module fluctuate greatly?
In Siemens PLC configuration, how to select the appropriate number of device bytes for the slot configuration of the IO-Link master ?
How to change the IP address of the module when using Profinet communication protocol?
The IO-Link master module requires EtherNET IP communication. How to switch the protocol?
The IO-Link valve island only has 4 valves installed and is configured with 1 byte output. Why does the IO-Link master report an error?


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GSD File
IO-Link Hub
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