• IO-Link Hub、RFID、Ø 18 x 65 mm、Readable and writable data carrier、FIS106

    Ordering code: FIS106

    Part number : FIS M-406-082-401-07-S4

  • RFID、Readable and writable data carrier、FIS045

    Ordering code: FIS045

    Part number : FIS M-111-02/L

  • RFID、Readable and writable data carrier、FIS046

    Ordering code: FIS046

    Part number : FIS M-112-02/L

  • IO-Link Hub、RFID、Ø 30 x 65 mm、Readable and writable data carrier、FIS108

    Ordering code: FIS108

    Part number : FIS M-400-072-001-07-S4

  • IO-Link Hub、RFID、Readable and writable data carrier、FIS103

    Ordering code: FIS103

    Part number : FIS M-451-072-001-07-S4

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