The 4th China International Big Data Expo concluded successfully, and Fuyansheng’s solutions were reviewed

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From May 24th to 27th, with the theme of “Empowering Economic Development and Enriching People’s Lives”The 4th Digital ExpoHeld at Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center. At this expo, Fuyansheng Electronics (Fujian) Co., Ltd.Factory digital platform solutionIt will be unveiled at booth 2C03 in Hall 3.

exhibition site

Since its opening, our booth has attracted many visitors. On the opening day of the Digital Expo,Chen Qingquan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and honorary professor of the University of Hong Kong, and Cao Xibin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of Harbin Institute of TechnologyVisit Fuyansheng's booth and listen to the on-site staff's introduction to the operation of the digital platform in the production line.


The two academicians spoke highly of Fu Yansheng's plan, and also gave constructive suggestions on how to better promote industrial automation. They also encouraged Fu Yansheng to continue to improve his own strength and contribute to the prosperity and development of the country.


Academician Chen Qingquan and Academician Cao Xibin listened to the explanation

Xinhua News Agency reporterWe also conducted a live broadcast of our booth,Director of Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce (Bureau Chen)andMagistrate of Minhou CountyHe also visited the scene in person to express his encouragement to Fu Yansheng and hoped that it would continue to develop and innovate and make greater contributions to the progress of the industry.


Xinhua News Agency live broadcast


                The director of Fujian Commerce Bureau visited the scene             The magistrate of Minhou County visited the scene

In addition, our booth attracted a large number ofparents and teenagerss concern. For teenagers, this is a new realm full of mystery. they watch intentlyMaterial conveying and robotic arms grabbing materialsprocess, the efficient operation of smart production lines inspired their strong interest in intelligence and automation.

Fuyansheng solution!

At this exhibition, the display of Fu Yansheng's factory intelligent solution, the combination of the digital platform based on IO-Link technology and the industrial production line presented a visual feast of industrial automation.

Digital platform solutions

Compared with traditional industrial field device data collection methods, our innovative digital platform solutions mainly rely onIO-Link devicesin-depth application. With IO-Link, a powerful communication protocol, we can achieveSeamless interoperability of data, and accurately map the status of various devices through the standardized interface of IIOT.


IIOT display

Industrial digital platform inOnline monitoring, abnormal alarm, production traceability and data analysisand other fields play a vital role. Configure the IO-Link master station in every link of the analog production line, and use the digital platform toreal time monitoringThrough statistics on every detail in the production line, the factory can effectively improve the efficiency of equipment maintenance, shorten equipment failure downtime, and reduce production costs.


Simulated production line

At the same time,Full monitoringProduction helps industrial workersTrace production data, ensure there is evidence to follow. In addition, it can alsoCollect energy consumption data and equipment operating status, to adjust the equipment status in a timely manner to achieve the purpose of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


In addition to use on production lines, our digital solutionsWidely used in all industrial scenarios. We have corresponding data collection solutions for different scenarios, which can be adjusted according to on-site requirements to meet on-site use.


The Digital Expo has come to a successful conclusion, and every moment of the exhibition is worth recording. In this era full of opportunities and challenges, we keep up with industry development trends and continue to innovate. In the future, we will continue to delve into the automation industry and bring more solutions to factory automation.